Introducing VeriSpot

FORT WORTH, Texas, October 12, 2022—ConGlobal is proud to introduce VeriSpot, the industry’s first AI-powered, automated inventory management system built for facilities that need to track and manage inventory continuously.

ConGlobal has redefined inventory management with VeriSpot a next-generation mobile inventory system that mounts on existing facility or yard equipment so customers can see their terminal with low-cost, precisely accurate, real-time equipment positioning, open parking/capacity, trackside equipment, and the status at dock doors.

As site staff works their daily missions, VeriSpot’s high-resolution cameras and AI data-inferencing identify, classify, and locate equipment on both sides of a row in a matter of moments. Never-stale data is transmitted from the truck to the cloud or receiving Terminal Operating System (TOS) without adding site infrastructure.

ConGlobal’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Technology, Seana Fairchild, said, “After operating terminals across North America for more than six decades, we are intimately familiar with the challenges and day-to-day problems operators need to solve.”

Fairchild continued, “Our ability to commercialize technology and then scale its use is largely due to embedding the tech within our own daily operations. Manual yard checks often become a slowdown for busy manufacturing facilities, warehouses, intermodal terminals, ports, or distribution centers. Assets are always moving, so the inventory is outdated as soon as a check is complete. VeriSpot changes that reality. What once took four hours or more can now be automated and refreshed in as little as twenty minutes, putting valuable data into the operator’s hands.”

Empowering teams to efficiently operate their facilities has always been core to ConGlobal’s mission of taking care of each other, our customers, and our business.

From terminal operators to inventory managers, freight coordinators, production planners, or customer service representatives, VeriSpot provides the entire team (and even outside entities) with information so every role can make decisions faster with greater accuracy and confidence.

Key features:

  • Always mobile— 24/7 operations require responsive solutions. VeriSpot captures and tracks equipment positioning during daily missions eliminating extra vehicles from the operating environment.
  • Accurate— VeriSpot’s machine learning engines have captured over 100 million images in the field over seven years, making our AI highly precise in all weather conditions, day or night.
  • Secure—designed with security at the core and deployed on Cisco’s IoT technology, VeriSpot provides zero-day protection that complies with strict cybersecurity standards.

VeriSpot is part of ConGlobal’s emerging technology ecosystem, Aviro360. This unified platform uses AI, analytics, and intelligent automation to automate gates, reconcile inventory, and optimize equipment storage and retrieval.

If you are looking for a single solution or a whole suite of solutions, ConGlobal can help you be ever ready.

About ConGlobal

ConGlobal is North America’s leading operator of intermodal, finished vehicle, and depot service terminals. With operations across the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica and over 50 years of industrial experience, ConGlobal is the industry’s go-to terminal operations expert. ConGlobal’s service and product offerings anchor on complementing specialized industrial equipment operations with advanced, technology-enabled systems and processes.