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Yard Management

Technology created by Operators for Operators

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Your Go-To Experts in Yard Management Solutions

Yard management solutions for every industry, every type of yard, and every need

ConGlobal’s approach to yard management is far more than spotting. We help third-party logistics (3PL), warehouses, industrial and manufacturing sites, and retailers to anticipate arrivals, automate their gates, direct drivers to optimal spots or dock doors, and track your inventory in real time, all while optimizing ground movements safely and sustainably.

Power your yard with ConGlobal’s all-in-one yard management solution and streamline operations, boost productivity and asset utilization, gain real-time visibility into your yard or network, save money, and serve your customers better.

Deep logistics expertise

With more than 600 yard spotters in the field, our operators are highly trained to operate specialized equipment, ensuring containers and trailers are in the right place at the right time. Whether you need yard spotters, shuttles to and from the rail, site-to-site transportation, or yard operation optimization ConGlobal is your go-to expert.

All-in-one solution

We can do it all: equipment, labor, operation, maintenance and repair, and industry-leading technologies to monitor asset movements, driver performance, and weather-related events to prevent safety risks or delays. Unlock value and results by leveraging our operator’s expertise and Aviro360 ecosystem for improved throughput, identifying blind spots, and boosting workforce productivity.

Flex capacity solutions

Yards are complex and need a service partner to support your needs across each transport mode. Our tenured relationships with intermodal providers allow us to proactively pick up cargo from the rail, reducing detention or demurrage charges. Our strategically located container yard network provides cost-effective storage options, and drayage covers transportation gaps and meets your unique needs.

Automated tracking & visibility

Our automated gate solution, Sight.io, and our real-time mobile inventory, VeriSpot.io, track cargo as it shifts from the gate to slots or docks, giving your team the data they need to make decisions faster with greater accuracy and confidence. Sight.io and VeriSpot.io are fully integrated and seamlessly hand off data to any receiving system.

Options to tap into labor

Utilize ConGlobal’s local company labor (not third-party) for service surges, special projects, or emergencies. Or expand your workforce with ConGlobal’s human-in-the-loop remote operations program and dispatch a driver with a tap. As demands at your facility change, our Dynamic Dispatch program allows you to shift drivers from spotting to forklift work across sites with just a click of a button.

Connecting people to insights

A customizable approach to data gives you unprecedented control over your operations. From dash cams and alerts for driver safety to telematics and optimized route plans, and predictive maintenance, we have the insights you need to monitor risk across your operations. Our Aviro360 ecosystem transforms decision-making processes using AI, analytics, and intelligent automation.

Often, we see transportation and yard processes managed by different parties, adding a layer of complexity when updating information and coordinating operations. By combining these activities under a single service partner and adding our AI-powered tech, we can unblock delays, reduce expenses, and boost satisfaction rates.
Matt Kozar

What Makes ConGlobal the Best Yard Management Provider?

At the core of our culture, across all levels of our company, is a dedication that defines us—to place health, safety, and the well-being of our people, environment, and communities first in all we do. Our Zero-Harm mindset and extensive knowledge and understanding of yard management best practices position us to meet your yard’s specific requirements.

Customer-centric approach allows us to adapt and customize solutions

  • Exemplary safety record with damage incidents and OSHA recordable injuries per year among the lowest in the industry
  • Cost-effective, flexible options to suit the needs of BCOs, direct shippers, and third-party logistic providers
  • Collaborative by nature to understand challenges and site needs and tailoring a solution to improve efficiency and lower costs
  • Scalable options that support business growth and evolving requirements, such as varying volumes, seasonal fluctuations, and unique operations
  • Ability to connect the dots between nodes of the supply chain through our technology created by operators for operators

Results-oriented operations

  • 50+ years of experience across all modes of transport in terminals, complex yards, storage solutions, and drayage
  • Equipment operation of more than 600 yard spotters by 1,400+ operators across North America, Mexico, and Costa Rica
  • Management of more than 100 gates
  • In 2023 alone, Aviro360 reduced 14,248 spotter moves without sacrificing site security or adding headcount.
  • In 2023, reduced our Scope 1 emissions by 5,000 metric tons largely attributed to our EV fleet and named by GRESB Transport Section Leader two years in a row
  • In 2023, Named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity by Newsweek

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