Make every container in the stack visible

Tech-enabled lifts or cranes automate the tracking of containers as they are stacked or moved, and AI continuously grooms the stacks.

Upgrade the way you track & manage stacked containers with and discover instant improvements

Tech-enable existing equipment

Automate stacked inventory

Real-time, low-cost, precisely accurate positioning

Minimize unproductive moves

Intelligently reshuffle and rebuild stacks

Proactively suggest pick-up times to minimize driver wait times

How Works

VeriStack uses high-resolution imagery, data-inferencing capabilities, and AI to identify, classify, and locate stacked containers in real-time. As equipment enters, leaves, or shifts within a facility, VeriStack sends updates to the cloud and any receiving system (TMS/YMS) with its location in the stack.


VeriSpot and VeriStack give operators a real-time snapshot of a yard. AI Engines crunch the data to optimize yard moves using efficiency algorithms. VeriStack tasks the closest lift operator for each move.


Dispatchers and drivers signal intent (drop off/pick up) in the customer’s TOS, YMS, or natively in VeriStack. AI updates work orders on in-cab tablets to fulfill current bookings and optimize stacks for future appointments.


Customizable alerts notify teams when the most efficient method of
building stacks requires a facility layout change (i.e., high winds, peak, customer-preferred stacks).

  • Always Proactive—VeriStack’s AI Engines groom stacks based on current bookings and future appointments to place containers in the optimal position. If a driver misses or cancels an appointment, AI re-optimizes the stack and updates the lift operator’s work orders.
  • Always Metrics-Driven—VeriStack uses simple, high-impact metrics to optimize stacks that can often go untracked by operating teams. Metrics like dwell time, average throughput of stacks, and timeliness of drivers reveal vital insights about your operations. VeriStack automatically optimizes and adjusts to streamline work.
  • Always Visible—Use VeriStack’s interface or integrate the data into your TOS or YMS. Then, grant individual clients access to view their inventory within your yard.

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