FORT WORTH, TX, and ODESSA, FL, July 17, 2023, ConGlobal announced the completion of the acquisition of its technology partners Communication Concepts Integration (C2I) and Communication Concepts (CCI), recognized leaders in vision-based machine learning solutions and automation infrastructure within the transportation vertical.

ConGlobal and C2I are committed to providing industry-leading solutions that enhance safety,  service, and operational efficiency. ConGlobal customers and partners benefit from decades of experience operating complex industrial transportation terminals. C2I is known for its exceptional vision-based machine learning and intelligent automation. Under the ConGlobal brand, the teams will continue combining their operating expertise with next-generation technology.

“The completion of this acquisition will enable us to deliver advanced solutions at scale,” said Brant Ring, CEO of ConGlobal. “We believe this acquisition creates incredible value for our customers and the larger global supply chain. Together we’re helping to reinvent how we run terminals and how operations can use human ingenuity and technology to be more productive,  customer-centric, and resilient.”

“Last year, we launched our technology ecosystem, Aviro360, to automate gates, reconcile inventory in real-time, and optimize storage and retrieval,” said Seana Fairchild, SVP of Marketing, Sales, and Technology at ConGlobal. “In this fast-paced digital era, running a successful business is all about embracing ready-now technology to solve real problems. I’ve seen firsthand how our advanced solutions help operators identify risks, assess options, and inform decision-making. Our partnership with C2I has been instrumental to our success, and we believe that will continue in the future.”

“AI helps businesses adapt at speed, with a regular stream of insights to drive innovation and competitive advantage in a world of constant change,” said Mark Mills, President of C2I. “Combining C2I and ConGlobal is a win-win for both organizations and their customers. By adopting AI now, ConGlobal can scale and adapt as its customers’ needs evolve.”