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Finished Vehicle Handling Services

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New cars are precious cargo; we treat them with unmatched care

Shipping finished vehicles is a delicate balance: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), shipping lines, railroads, and haul-away companies want movements to happen quickly, but it’s also imperative that autos arrive in factory fresh condition.

ConGlobal is here to help our customers strike that balance with expert finished vehicle handling services. We provide damage-free handling, accurate railcar loading, organized inventory management, and inspections to catch damage early.

Safe Finished Vehicle Loading and Unloading

If you want damage-free vehicle handling, our team is skilled at loading and unloading autos from trucks and railcars safely and efficiently. We understand the importance of loading railcars accurately and following securement best practices to keep new cars damage free at auto ramps.

Automotive Inspections

When autoracks arrive at a ramp, we inspect vehicles for damage twice: Once before we remove the chocks so we can document any damage during rail shipping and again after the vehicle is driven off the railcar to ensure vehicles are damage-free before pickup. This valuable service helps ensure vehicles are delivered on time and dealer-ready.

Autorack Switching

We provide railcar switching services at rail automotive terminals with fully certified FRA switching crews. We own, operate, and maintain our fleet of locomotives, so we can meet your specific needs with flexible and cost-effective services.

Checkpoint Services

High-functioning auto ramp checkpoints help keep finished vehicles safe and secure. We provide the people and processes to optimize them. Our gate personnel have the knowledge and professionalism to be your operation’s first and last point of contact. Our team can also take on gate operations to control the flow of inbound and outbound traffic from your facility and all personnel entering and exiting. All these services can be tailored to meet your needs, whether yours is a 24/7 operation or a multi-gate auto ramp in need of a large staff.

Inventory and Yard Management

When finished vehicles are inside the auto ramp, we can manage your inventory and ensure every asset is accounted for in the inventory system. Accurate accounting of yard inventory provides visibility into which vehicles are in the yard and make pickup easier, too. We can also provide organized yard management for haul-away teams.

Comprehensive Finished Vehicle Handling Services

These are just a few of our finished vehicle handling services. Large or small, we’ll deliver the automotive services you need. We also offer finished vehicle shuttling services, perform mechanical maintenance on railcars, and we can even operate your entire automotive terminal if that’s what you need to succeed.

Finished vehicles are special, unique products: A new car is an expensive piece of equipment that is easier to damage and more costly to repair than your typical product. But when you get it all right, it’s amazing how many vehicles you can move through a ramp and end up with pristine vehicles and satisfied customers on the other side.
Tony Schrader

What Makes ConGlobal the Best Finished Vehicle Handling Services Provider?

Unlike single service providers, we’ll tailor a solution to your needs. You’ll get exactly the finished vehicle handling services you need to have a high-performing automotive ramp that keeps vehicles safe and secure. Put our services and technology to work and see damage claims drop, throughput increase, and the bottom line benefit.

Expert Care for Unmatched Finished Vehicle Handling

  • We touch more than two million finished vehicles per year.
  • Time-tested vehicle loading, unloading, and securement practices reduce vehicle damage.
  • Investments in employee training and safety programs, including cross-training and continuous on-the-job training, yield an experienced, knowledgeable, safe and dedicated team that treats new cars with care.
  • Our scale allows us to move labor and resources where they’re needed most, so our customers can deliver for their customers even when under high.

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