ConGlobal’s Commitment to Health, Safety, and Well-being

We take care of each other, our customers, and our business.

Our mission is an essential navigation tool, especially when talking about safety. Our mission statement helps us cut through the noise and points all employees straight at the heart of our company’s passion and vision—being an expert partner in terminal operations.

As a recognized global leader in our industry, ConGlobal adheres to the highest health, safety, and well-being standards. As terminal experts, we believe every incident is preventable, and together we can achieve a zero-incident objective, and it’s the basis of our Zero Harm commitment.

Our Zero Harm Roadmap details the specific activities that will shape our culture, educate our teams, expand our safety programs, and continually improve our ability to identify, mitigate, and prevent risks. Our Zero Harm commitment and roadmap sets expectations for our workplaces and how we deliver work for our customers.

To us, Zero Harm means:

  • Zero fatalities
  • Zero injuries
  • Zero damage incidents
  • Zero environmental incidents

Everywhere we operate, we make safety personal.

Anyone working in a complex terminal knows that these environments have inherent exposures. We train our teams to identify, mitigate, and prevent exposures proactively. We make safety personal because we are accountable for promoting a safe and healthy workplace for ourselves and others potentially affected by our activities.

We eliminate fatal risks. Our teams identify and eliminate risks with our Zero Harm program and behavioral protocols.

We eliminate hazards. Our teams use our Zero Harm materials and Safety Pillars to identify hazards in our work. We make conscious efforts to learn and improve around exceptions (when something goes wrong), SIF(p) near misses (an incident that occurs outside of identified hazards with Serious Injury or Fatality potential), positive work experiences (when work occurs without incident), and observations (inspect what we expect for safety gaps, process adherence, and proper training).

We maintain Zero Harm day-to-day. Our robust safety programs proactively address safety so we can perform our work—each move, each shift, each day—without harm to people or equipment. We ask our employees to commit to care daily, and our leaders address safety with urgency and passion.

We keep the public safe from harm. We embrace health, safety, and well-being as fundamental to our business practice.

We keep our people healthy. ConGlobal endeavors to create a healthy and safe work environment. Our Zero Harm and holistic wellness programs work hand-in-hand so employees have the support and resources to maintain and improve their health.

ConGlobal Safety Pillars

To underpin our Zero Harm commitment, we’ve created five safety pillars to define what we believe caring looks like to us. We’ve centered our programs and materials around those simple, applicable in any setting, guidelines for how we go about daily work. These pillars address workplace exposures with the highest potential for harm when not intentionally and consistently mitigated.


Combining safety governance and protocols with our safety pillars will drive consistent behaviors, collaboration, and perpetual improvement.

We are creating a world-class safety culture where

  • Employees are inspired to commit to Zero Harm
  • Programs and processes are simple yet effective
  • We challenge the status quo
  • Everyone has a seat at the table
  • Learning, collaboration, and adaption are encouraged
  • We identify areas for improvement
  • We celebrate when we’ve achieved success