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Railcar Switching

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Your Go-To Experts for Railcar Switching.

Terminal switching services that do more than spot railcars: we’ll streamline railcar movements, maximize yard space, and improve fleet utilization, too.

When it’s done well, railcar switching is safe, happens on time, and meets regulatory standards. In the hands of an expert, railcar switching can do so much more: maximize track space, improve fleet utilization, improve capacity, and shorten cycle times.

ConGlobal has the expertise to make railcar switching a value add. We own and operate locomotives and material-handling equipment, we know the operating rules, and our experienced personnel know how make the most efficient moves on time, every time.

Customers can tailor our railcar switching services for a complete turnkey package at both FRA-regulated and non-FRA regulated operations.

In-facility Switching

We can spot, classify, and store railcars within a rail yard.

Autorack Switching

Autoracks hold precious cargo. We know how to switch them safely to prevent damage.

Industrial Switching

Beyond the yard, we can move freight from a rail facility to a customer off the main line.

Railcar switching is more than a necessity — it’s a way to fine-tune yard operations. When you’ve been doing it for so long, it’s easy to see the adjustments that can make operations hum.
Steven Brigman

What Makes ConGlobal the Best Railcar Switching Provider?

We’re not new to the switching game. We have existing relationships with Class I railroads, we’ve been operating locomotives for decades, and we’ve proven time and again that our safety methods are first-rate.

We put that experience to work for our customers and get results: timely, reliable, and safe switching services that accurately place equipment, streamline railcar movements, maximize yard space, improve fleet utilization, and even reduce labor costs.

If it’s inconvenient for you to manage or handle railcar switching on your own, take it off your plate. We’ll provide reliable railcar switching and take it from good to great.

Experience to Make Third-Party Railcar Switching a Value-Add

  • Expertise operating locomotives
  • Trained — and highly skilled — personnel
  • Professional equipment handling
  • Existing relationships with Class I railroads
  • Familiarity with railroad operating rules
  • Proven safety methods
  • Continual service intervals
  • Streamlined railcar movements
  • Space-aware site management
  • Improved fleet utilization

Are you ready to see results?

We’re ready to provide the best railcar switching services.

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