Change Is Everywhere

And we believe technology is the vehicle for harnessing it. Tackle your long-standing challenges with our Aviro360 technology ecosystem and transform your decision-making processes using AI, analytics, and intelligent automation.

Automate Your Gates

Increase Safety

Reduce Downtime

Optimize Storage & Retrieval

Efficiently Reconcile Inventory

Identify Blindspots

Proactively Respond to Risk

Exceed Industry Expectations

Why Choose ConGlobal’s Aviro360

ConGlobal is the only entity offering a full suite of transportation services plus a technology ecosystem created by operators for operators to expertly streamline the most complex operations.

Aviro360 an Ecosystem of Solutions

Aviro360 interconnects machines, devices, sensors, and people to increase your facility is more responsive, customer-centric, and resilient.
Created by ConGlobal, a company with decades of experience understanding how terminals operate, our automated tools can be used individually or brought together for combined strength and agility.

Infinitely Flexible & Configurable

Infrastructure Light

Zero Day Security

Proudly Built on Cisco’s Internet of Things (IOT) Technology


Optimize storage and retrieval by precisely tracking and optimizing your container stacks. VeriStack continuously grooms the stacks based on intent to minimize lift or crane moves and stack rebuilds.

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Our advanced mobile inventory solution gives you a real-time view of your facility. Realistic digital twins show equipment positioning and open slots so you can make decisions faster—with greater accuracy and confidence.

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Significantly increase your gate throughput with our next-generation checkpoint system. We’ve combined a flexible design with seamless integration that substantially increases entry and exit throughput—without sacrificing security or adding headcount.

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Be ever ready with Aviro360

Learn how ConGlobal’s technology ecosystem that can streamline even the most complex operations.