FORT WORTH, TX, June 25, 2024 – ConGlobal, an industry leader and expert in operations, services, technology, and equipment for railway yards, container terminals and ports, intermodal yards, warehouses, distribution centers, and other distribution points, announced today that on June 25, 2024, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 12,020,148.

This patent is directed to key functions of ConGlobal’s technology portfolio covering its leading-edge technology, the industry’s first AI-powered, automated inventory management system utilizing high-resolution cameras and AI data-inferencing to identify, classify, locate, and track assets in real-time in a variety of inventory management environments.

This new patent in the portfolio stems from ConGlobal’s strategic market-leading technology and intellectual property development initiatives, which include the ongoing filing and pursuit of registered patent rights protecting its innovation. is the premier, first-of-a-kind solution for managing shipping yards and terminals via its unique capabilities arising from its image recognition and container-management systems.

ConGlobal is very pleased by the issuance of this new patent, which strengthens and broadens ConGlobal’s U.S. intellectual property portfolio, including The new patent demonstrates ConGlobal’s commitment and significant investment in developing intellectual property in operations, services, technology, and equipment for railway yards, container terminals, intermodal yards, ports, warehouses, distribution centers, and other distribution points.

Key Highlights of ConGlobal’s New Patent:

ConGlobal’s new patent contains claims covering yard management and control systems leveraging image recognition. These systems utilize image sensors to identify assets and control the positioning and management of those assets within a shipping yard, such as a railyard. The patented solution, Verispot, streamlines the identification, classification, location, position, and tracking of assets within a shipping yard, thereby maximizing yard space and improving fleet utilization. 

The patented control systems and methods also allow for optimizing asset identification, classification, location, and tracking by using optical character recognition (OCR), AI, and machine learning to enhance container and railyard image data and geolocation information processing.  Additionally, the patented control system incorporates machine learning capabilities to further automate asset identification, classification, location, and tracking of assets utilizing models to predict locations of text sequences, scan text sequences, and predict sequences of missing characters in railyard image data..

The patented solutions allow the identification of various assets managed within a shipping yard or terminal. can be applied to any type of equipment and other identifiable assets, but some examples include containers, trailers, chassis, and railcars.  

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ConGlobal’s Technology and IP Development Pipeline:

As a key part of ConGlobal’s Strategic technology and intellectual property development initiatives, the company actively files patent applications for various aspects of its proprietary technology.  ConGlobal remains committed to vigorously develop and grow its intellectual property portfolio.

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