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Your Go-To Experts in Drayage.

Port or pier, railyard or distribution center, door-to-door or ramp-to-ramp — seamless, cost-effective container delivery the way you need it.

The beauty of intermodal shipping is that containers move seamlessly between shipping modes to optimize supply chains. But that can’t happen without a consistent, safe, and reliable partner to handle drayage. ConGlobal has the experience to be the partner that always delivers.

We are unrelenting about on-time performance, and in the instance of an unforeseen delay, we proactively communicate with and problem-solve for our customers.

Delivering Results
How do we deliver results? Navigating challenging operating environments like ports and rail ramps isn’t new to us. In fact, we have close relationships with Class I railroads, and our ramp access results in seamless integration between rail shipping and intermodal container trucking.

Our nationwide drayage footprint gives railroads, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) or direct shippers, and third-party logistics providers flexible, cost-effective \ drayage options they need to be successful. Most of our drayage locations are U.S. customs-bonded facilities, adding yet another layer of flexibility to better service supply chains.

Whatever your drayage need is, we have the service to satisfy it.

Port and Rail/Intermodal Drayage Services

Our interchange agreements with major rail ramps and steamship lines allow us to pick up and deliver local drayage. We can also reposition intermodal equipment within ports and between ports and container yards.

Transportation and Rail Services

Our team members understand the intricacies of intermodal freight transportation and provide access to capacity with every major rail provider across North America. Dry or refrigerated, we can handle your containers.

Port and Pier Drayage

When cargo is destined for a barge or ocean carrier, we’ll truck it to from a facility yard or the rail to a dock or pier.

Expedited Drayage Service

We’re no stranger to time-sensitive shipments. When your freight needs to get there fast, we’ve got you covered. Our on-time service will help you avoid delays at ports and rail ramps, minimize exposure to demurrage and detention penalties, and speed up your supply chain.

Inter-Carrier Drayage and Intra-Carrier Drayage

If your supply chain can function better by transferring cargo between carriers or taking freight to two different locations owned by the same carrier, we can haul it where it needs to be.

Shuttle Drayage

Has a yard or rail hub ever run out of space for your container? Fret not, we can truck it to a temporary lot where empty and loaded units are kept safe.

Door-to-Door and Ramp-to-Ramp

Your drayage need may be as straightforward as picking up at one ramp and dropping off at another. Or it could be more complex, requiring pickups and drop offs on either side of its rail journey. We can do both. Dock or rail ramp, our experience leads to on-time performance.

Round-Trip Container Transport

If you need a chassis to turn containers, our efficient drayage services can make that process go faster.

Owner Operators, we provide consistent freight, home-time guarantees, and weekly pay.

Come Drive With Us
A lot can go wrong with an intermodal shipment if you don’t have a safe, reliable, and consistent drayage partner. We’ve provided drayage for decades, so we’ve seen — and solved — just about every drayage problem a customer can face.
Paloma DeLaCruz

Experience and Industry Connections to Deliver the Best intermodal Drayage Services

  • Longstanding relationships with Class I railroads
  • Inter-carrier and intra-carrier agreements
  • Depth of drayage experience and problem-solving
  • Nationwide footprint of drayage locations
  • US customs-bonded drayage facilities
  • Record of on-time performance
  • Safe and reliable intermodal drayage
  • Cost-effective, flexible options to suit the needs of railroads, BCOs or direct shippers, and third-party logistic providers

Are you ready to find your next best solution with us?

Even the shortest intermodal trucking trip is an important link in the supply chain. ConGlobal provides the intermodal drayage services you need to be successful.

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