Fort Worth, TX, February 25—ConGlobal, the industry’s go-to expert in terminal operations, announced the launch of a stack management tool called VeriStack. VeriStack solves the longstanding challenge of tracking and intelligently placing containers to minimize reshuffling and unproductive moves.

VeriStack is a cutting-edge system mounted on lift or crane equipment, enabling automatic tracking and the precise location of stacked containers within a yard or terminal. This product ensures that every container in the stack is visible, thus streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Key Highlights of VeriStack:

Real-Time Positioning: VeriStack tech enables existing equipment, providing real-time, low-cost, and precisely accurate positioning even within stacks. This capability revolutionizes inventory management by eliminating guesswork and minimizing the risk of errors.

Never-Stale Data: With VeriStack, customers can say goodbye to stale data. The system continuously updates by sending location data to the cloud in real time, minimizing unproductive equipment moves and ensuring operators have the most up-to-date information.

AI-Powered Optimization: VeriStack’s artificial intelligence engines groom stacks based on current bookings and future appointments. Teams can now place containers in the optimal position, maximizing efficiency and avoiding costly delays.

Smart Scheduling: Dispatchers and drivers signal intent (drop off/pick up) from their TOS, YMS, or natively in VeriStack. AI engines update work orders on in-cab tablets to fulfill current bookings and optimize stacks for future appointments. 

How VeriStack Works:

VeriStack utilizes high-resolution imagery, data-inferencing capabilities, and AI to identify, classify, and locate stacked containers in real time. As equipment enters, leaves, or shifts within a facility, VeriStack sends updates to the cloud and any receiving system (such as TMS/YMS), providing accurate location information in the stack.

“ConGlobal is excited to introduce VeriStack to the market. VeriStack is a high-impact innovation that tackles one of the industry’s most complex and enduring challenges,” said Chief Technology Officer Yamini Vellore. “ConGlobal is the only technology provider backed with more than 50 years of operating experience. By combining our operator’s expertise with cutting-edge technology, we can help customers across the supply chain to streamline their operations and mitigate disruptions before they happen.”

Customers can access VeriStack through ConGlobal’s Aviro360 ecosystem. This unified view gives users a real-time snapshot of their facility—from entry to exit and every move in between.

For more information about VeriStack and how it can transform your inventory management processes, please visit or contact Matt Kozar at 708.329.2592.

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