Dispatch a driver with a tap

Expand your workforce with ConGlobal’s human-in-the-loop remote operations for a safer and more efficient yard.

Operators-as-a-service + drive-by-wire yard trucks and forklifts give logistics companies flexibility and decades of expertise on-site or from hundreds of miles away.

Expand reach into more diverse workforce pools

Flex capacity, optimize tasks, and eliminate inefficient activities for yard truck operators

Enhance workplace safety by relocating in-cab operators from the production environment to more comfortable and controlled workspaces

DynamicDispatch fully integrates with our Aviro360 ecosystem to provide unparalleled visibility and optimization

Our remote-first approach allows you to address your entire workflow and shorten your path to an ROI

How DynamicDispatch Works

We’ve based our DynamicDispatch program on the Terberg YT193 drive-by-wire yard truck controlled by Phantom Auto’s remote operation technology.


Various network communication options (private or public LTE, traditional WiFi, or mesh networks) connect the remote console to the vehicle, providing drivers with seamless, perfectly synced video streaming.


Before deploying at any facility, our team performs a network site survey, maps out the workflow, including any variations and nuances needed for the specific site, and gains operational expertise within the terminal or yard.


After mapping and defining the workflow, digital drivers can dynamically operate equipment on-site or from one of our centralized operation centers. Then, we can identify additional efficiencies and scale.

We put safety first in everything we do.

  • Humans are always in the loop -> We operate in dynamic, complex environments, and the current autonomous technologies cannot account for every possible scenario the vehicle might encounter. An infinite number of edge cases could arise, rendering the autonomous solution inoperable.
  • Drivers have increased situational awareness -> Cameras mounted around the truck provide the remote operator with notifications and alerts for what the vehicle is doing and what is happening around the vehicle.
  • Standardized training and management for consistent performance -> Improve the onboarding experience by providing consistent hands-on instruction using vetted, experienced, and knowledgeable remote driver trainers. The standardized hands-on approach improves comprehension and creates more skilled employees, which prevents accidents and incidents.

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