ConGlobal is among the 13 customers and suppliers are honored for energy efficiency, innovation, and environmental stewardship

Before the end of 2023, Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) announced the recipients of its annual Thoroughbred Sustainability Partner Awards. The awards recognize Norfolk Southern partner companies who are leaders in Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Environmental Stewardship.

The 13 Thoroughbred Sustainability Partner Award winners are:

Energy Efficiency Award—Honoring corporate programs that achieve significant energy efficiency savings—ConGlobal and Dell Technologies

Innovation Award—Recognizing innovations significantly contributing to a more sustainable future—Fastenal, Künz GmbH, Loram, Outokumpu, Phillips 66, The Greenbrier Companies, Schneider, and Sheetz, Inc.

Environmental Stewardship Award—Celebrating efforts that promote stewardship of the environment—COSCO SHIPPING Lines, Evergreen Line, and HCL Technologies

Railroads are an essential part of a low-carbon supply chain,” said Norfolk Southern Chief Marketing Officer Ed Elkins. “Each year, Norfolk Southern helps our customers avoid 15 million metric tons of emissions and reduce congestion and wear on public highways. In doing so, we are always inspired by our customers’ matched efforts to create a greener supply chain. Our Thoroughbred Sustainability Partner Awards recognize their incredible achievements and underscore our shared commitment to lowering our nation’s overall carbon footprint.”

A cross-department team from Norfolk Southern reviewed applications for their measurable progress during 2022. Winners were selected based on their program’s novelty, relevance, and impact. The award recipients collectively demonstrated outstanding achievements toward energy efficiency, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

“Taking strides to reduce our environmental impact goes beyond our own initiatives; it involves actively supporting our partners in reaching their sustainability targets as well,” said Norfolk Southern Chief Sustainability Officer Josh Raglin. “This year’s 13 honorees stand out as trailblazers in environmental leadership. Recognizing their accomplishments is pivotal as we collectively work towards building a better, more sustainable planet.”