FORT WORTH, TX, December 18, 2023, ConGlobal the industry’s go-to expert in terminal operations, is expanding its remotely operated hostler program, Dynamic Dispatch. Dynamic Dispatch represents ConGlobal’s ability to dynamically deploy digital drivers into complex yards and terminals for safer, more effective, efficient, sustainable, and resilient cargo movements. 

This fall, ConGlobal took delivery of several Terberg YT193 drive-by-wire trucks and plans to add to the fleet in 2024. Dynamic Dispatch will continue to expand throughout 2024 and 2025, with additional trucks already on order.

The newly designed Terberg trucks meet industry-accepted safety standards that specify the necessary performance and reliability thresholds for remote operation. This enables our engineers and other partners, like Phantom Auto, to integrate additional technologies onto the truck to provide a reliable and safe remote operation solution.

“In our operations, a human operator controls and executes all aspects of the yard truck’s workflow from a remote location. The remote operator, or digital driver, can be at the same site as the truck or fully remote.,” said Brett Rogers, ConGlobal’s VP, Advanced Solutions. 

Rogers continued, “Adopting a remote-first approach allows us to match the maturity of evolving technology to our operation’s specific needs. We’ve been collaborating with a Terberg for several years, and the advancements in this new delivery of trucks align with our safety roadmap and overall operational management approach.”

Rob van Hove, CEO of Terberg Special Vehicles, added, “We are delighted to see ConGlobal scale their Dynamic Dispatch program with Terberg Special Vehicles, using our new drive-by-wire system for the Terberg YT193, designed according to the highest safety standards for the market. Their human-in-the-loop approach targets the demands of busy terminals and yards while boosting efficiency and delivering safety. Together, we strive for safer, sustainable, and resilient horizontal transport. This represents one more successful collaboration in the ongoing ConGlobal-Terberg relationship.”

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About Terberg Special Vehicles

Terberg Special Vehicles is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of terminal tractors and other specialist industrial vehicles. As a manufacturer world-renowned for the quality and reliability of their vehicles, Terberg is focused on providing innovative next-generation vehicles to fleet operators globally. For more information, visit: