ConGlobal Industries, LLC announced the renewal of their exclusive Collaboration and Supply Agreement with SG Blocks, Inc. through May 2024. SG Blocks is a premier innovator of construction solutions utilizing code-engineered cargo shipping containers.

“ConGlobal is excited to renew our exclusive agreement with SG Blocks to provide innovative building solutions that are environmentally friendly, faster to construct and less expensive than traditional building methods. SG Blocks is the clear first mover and innovator in green, modular construction and the clear partner of choice for ConGlobal,” said Mike Baldwin, President of ConGlobal.

“The professionalism, expertise and geographic reach of ConGlobal cannot be matched by anyone in the industry and ensures that SG Blocks construction projects can be created and installed anywhere in the world. The ConGlobal team and reach propels SG Blocks growth and the adoption of container-based structures into the mainstream of construction. With first mover advantage and the most abundant supply of inventory, governments, companies and individuals are seeking reliable, responsible and reasonably priced solutions for development creating enormous opportunities for the SG Blocks and ConGlobal partnership,” said Paul Galvin, CEO of SG Blocks.

As part of their partnership, SG Blocks opened a West Coast office at ConGlobal’s headquarters in San Ramon, CA.

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