In-Terminal Services and Orange EV announced the successful demonstration of Orange’s T-Series electric terminal truck at BNSF’s Edgerton, Kansas intermodal facility.

In-Terminal Services’ Senior Vice President of Intermodal Operations Ron Teague said, “Terminal trucks are critical to the services In-Terminal Services provides to our rail intermodal customers. Terminal trucks work long hours, often in harsh 24 x 7 industrial environments. We needed to see that Orange EV’s all-electric terminal truck could do the job and get through a shift on a single charge. They’ve convinced our team. Orange EV’s T-Series demonstrated it has the endurance and power we need.”

Orange EV’s T-Series consistently lifted and pulled the GCWR of 81,000 pounds at the site-designated 20 mph speed. Over the course of the two week demonstration, the truck lifted and pulled many oversized loads, completing over 400 total runs and showing its 160 kWh battery would go 10 hours or more on a single charge.

“Our drivers are excited” said Dustin Melton, In-Terminal Services Area Vice President overseeing the onsite demonstration. “We believe electric vehicles offer a range of economic, environmental, and operator benefits, and we’ve been working with Orange EV to ensure their truck meets our needs. Our drivers proved that moving to electric truck operations will be a short learning curve. They were enthusiastic about driving a cooler, quieter, low vibration, zero-emission vehicle.”

“We applaud the leadership of In-Terminal Services as they move to electric vehicles,” said Kurt Neutgens, President and Chief Technology Officer. “It’s one thing for us to claim the T-Series can perform. It’s entirely another when a customer proves it.” Terminal operators in warehouse/transportation, intermodal, manufacturing and parcel delivery now have a viable zero-emission alternative to existing diesel terminal trucks. Operators will also appreciate that the T-Series will significantly lower the cost of fuel, maintenance and other operating expenses, reducing the total cost of ownership and paying back well within the life of the truck.

About Orange EV
Orange EV designs and delivers pure electric, industrial-strength vehicles that are better for the earth, people, and bottom line with solutions that meet the harsh demands of industrial applications while making economic sense. For more information about Orange EV, contact Mike Saxton, Orange EV Chief Commercial Officer at (866) 688-5223 or go online at