On June 1, 2014, American Auto Works (“AAW”) began operations at BNSF’s new Big Lift facility in Littleton, Colorado, providing automobile loading and unloading and dedicated switching services. The Denver-area facility has 2,200 parking bays for holding brand new automobiles before haul-away carriers truck them to nearby dealerships.

The planning for the new facility began two years ago. “We looked at our options and no matter what we did, our facility at nearby Irondale was not going to satisfy our growing needs in the Denver area,” explained Director Automotive Facilities Dan Meyers. “So we looked at Big Lift, which currently covers 57 acres with an additional 35 adjacent acres.”

Existing track and room for more made Big Lift an ideal choice. The acreage purchased alongside Big Lift could become an additional 4,000 parking bays.

“Business has been growing in leaps and bounds, and we have more customers we would like to accommodate,” explained Regional Manager Automotive Operations Cleo Childers. “At Big Lift, we can handle 6,000 feet of railcars, or about 750 automobiles, a day at this facility.”

“We are thrilled that BNSF chose AAW to provide automobile services at the new Big Lift facility, and we are excited about the growth possibilities at this key location,” said Mike Willis, President AAW.