Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our company’s history. We are excited to announce that we have changed our name from ITS ConGlobal to ‘ConGlobal.’

It’s not every day you get to relaunch a 50+ year-old supply chain giant. However, now is the time to acknowledge that we aren’t the same company we were five decades ago. We’ve evolved tremendously over the years, continually changing alongside the needs of our customers. Refreshing our name acknowledges the full suite of terminal services we provide today and how they come together to create unprecedented solutions for our customers.

What Does the Name Change Signify?

Over the course of our 50+ years in the transportation/supply chain industry, we’ve continually added service capabilities, sometimes by acquiring companies with specialized expertise. As the industry has evolved, we’ve seen the power of pairing services from all corners of our business to serve our customers better.

Although changing our company name is a matter of just three letters, ‘ConGlobal’ places focus on how we work together to be the world’s go-to experts in terminal operations:

We work together (“Con” =  Latin for “together”)
To be the world’s go-to experts in terminal operations (“Global”)

Our name change signifies how all areas of our business work together to help our customers perform better. Our full suite of terminal services and technology unite to solve any customer challenge, improving operational throughput and producing impressive results.
We share in our commitment to unlocking value, increasing operational efficiency, and driving down costs for our customers.

Why Did ConGlobal Change Its Name?

We decided to change our name to ConGlobal and refresh our brand because doing so better aligns with our customer’s needs and our company’s priorities.

We were founded in 1968 as part of the shift to standardize containerization and intermodal transport. We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation and adaptation to the rapidly changing economy. COVID forever changed the supply chain, and those changes brought out our strengths: experts in terminal operations, broad track record, responsiveness, openness to human ingenuity and technology, and resourcefulness.

Our forward-leaning vision has kept us at the forefront of transportation services and positioned us to add complementary technology. With our intensifying focus, we’ve seen great success and even more untapped potential on the horizon. We needed a company name and brand architecture beyond our intermodal roots to reflect our near-term priorities and long-term opportunities.

ConGlobal’s experience spans more than five decades. Over the years, we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of our customers and the industry, allowing us to pivot and provide solutions to unmet needs, broadening our scope through technology and the types of customers we serve.

Our new name allows us to shine the light on our new technology offerings and the services that, though valuable, may have operated in the shadows in the past. This fresh chapter speaks to the breadth of solutions we offer across multiple categories.

Why Does Working Together Matter?

The shock of COVID-19 sparked a new spirit of collaboration among our business units, challenged centralized functions, and set the tone for our path forward. Looking back, our teams shared a handful of remarkable behaviors that helped us weather the headwinds and out-collaborate the crisis. 

  • Together, we redefined our shared mission and vision and worked on the plan together. Our efforts set the stage for success regardless of the changing and never-normal conditions.
  • Together, we empowered our experts to cooperate and collaborate across the organization. New and sometimes unusual partnerships brought us diverse ideas, new perspectives, and forward-thinking human ingenuity.
  • Together, we prioritized actions stimulating cross-function collaboration and generating value for the broader organization. We’re operators at heart and know our customers’ long-standing challenges. This expertise positions us to expand our business and offer technology created by operators for operators to shape the future of supply chains in the US and beyond.
  • Together, we found that collaboration brings out the best in our employees. Our teams were energized, productive, and adaptive as we navigated the pandemic and the associated global challenges because they felt part of something bigger than themselves.

The result? Despite the ever-changing environment, together, we delivered customers easier touchpoints, customized services, and a technology ecosystem that transforms decision-making processes using AI, analytics, and intelligent automation. We’ve hardwired this collaborative spirit throughout our interconnected workstreams to harness our intuitiveness and allow us to solve increasingly complex customer challenges.

Continuing to Take Care

Our name change does not mean our services or the people who provide them are changing. The people you work with now will continue to be your partners.

Our approach to business isn’t changing either. We are operators at heart, and we continue to live by our mission to take care of each other, our customers, and our business.

“What I love about the name is its simplicity without losing connection with our rich heritage,” shares Seana Fairchild, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Technology. “What’s distinguishing about ConGlobal is we can operate your terminal, recommend playbooks for efficiencies and safety, and stand behind our technology offerings because, after all, operators know the most complex problems to solve and the ones that will bring the biggest value.”