Mike Baldwin, Chairman

FORT WORTH, TX, March 31, 2022—ITS ConGlobal (ITSC), North America’s leading operator of intermodal, finished vehicle, and depot service terminals, announced today that Mr. Mike Baldwin, ITSC’s co-founder, and Chairman, has decided to retire.

Mr. Baldwin has been instrumental in growing ITS ConGlobal. He’s dedicated his professional career operating and managing companies in highly competitive industrial environments advancing ITS ConGlobal as the industry’s go-to expert in terminal services. Mr. Baldwin will present his namesake “Leadership in Action” award at the ITS ConGlobal Employee Awards and Appreciation Gala on April 8, 2022 and close out his time following the 1Q Board meeting on April 27th.

“Creating and leading ITS ConGlobal has been the honor of my life, and it would not have been possible without the help of an incredible team,” said Mr. Baldwin. “I want to thank everyone at ITS ConGlobal, past and present, for helping advance our mission over the years. I could never have imagined our impact, and I will forever be proud of our accomplishments. Providing solutions for customers has been a privilege and something that I’ve dedicated my life and career to do. But it’s the relationships I’ve developed with customers and employees alike that will be my greatest takeaway.”

Mr. Baldwin began his lengthy career in the intermodal industry with the ITEL Rail Corporation. After several managerial and executive positions, Mr. Baldwin led a management buyout of ITEL Terminals from ITEL Rail Corporation, later named Global Intermodal Systems. Under his leadership, the company grew and merged with its largest competitor to quickly become the largest depot services company with locations spanning across the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

In 2014, Mr. Baldwin sold ConGlobal Industries, LLC to the Carlyle Group, and in 2017 AMP Capital, an Australian investment firm, closed on its largest North American deal buying ITS ConGlobal. Mr. Baldwin continued to champion ITS ConGlobal’s success as a non-executive Director on the board and served as a strategic advisor to AMP Capital.

In 2019, Mr. Baldwin stepped in as interim CEO, determined to provide leadership and steady guidance towards a promising future. As Mr. Baldwin looks at the business now, he’s convinced that ITSC has a strong foundation and the expertise needed to deliver even more value to its employees, customers, and investors.

Mr. Baldwin shared, “I believe ITSC is on track to achieving its strategic plan. I have the utmost confidence in the executive team and their march toward an exciting, prosperous future.”

While direct engagement through his recent Chair role will transfer to another, Mr. Baldwin’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, and history with ITSC will remain through his ongoing advisory role with AMP Capital.

About ITS Conglobal:

ITS ConGlobal (ITSC) is North America’s leading operator of intermodal, finished vehicle, and depot service terminals. With operations across the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica and over 50 years of industrial experience, ITSC serves as the industry’s go-to terminal operations expert. ITSC’s service and product offerings anchor on complementing specialized industrial equipment operations with advanced, technology-enabled systems and processes.