November 5, 2013

All ITS/AAW Employees:

ITS is proud to bring a recent event to your attention, an event that resulted in heroic efforts by three ITS employees. Through their quick action they were able to save the life of a truck driver.

Christopher Zambrano, Asoniu Taufi and Juan Rojas were working their normal shifts on Sunday morning, October 27th at the UP Commerce Yard in Los Angeles, CA. The Long Beach Freeway (710) bridge spans over the Commerce Yard bisecting the middle of the terminal. Shortly after 9:30 in the morning a collision between a tanker truck carrying over 8,000 gallons of crude oil and an automobile resulted in the truck exploding and falling over the side of the bridge. The truck caught on the guardrail and dangled over the side of the bridge as the contents burned the roadway above as well as multiple cars on the ground. Christopher went to the driver’s aid after the driver jumped out of his truck. The driver was on fire, and Chris extinguished the flames using his hands and his safety vest. The driver however, again caught fire and Chris, despite suffering burns to his own hands, was able to again extinguish the flames. Chris was joined by Asoniu and Juan and they were then able to move the driver to safety.

The driver is currently recovering in the hospital, no doubt grateful that three dedicated ITS employees were working that morning and willing to risk their safety to save his life. Details of the accident were played on the local news, and can be found using the following link:

Christopher is an Operations Manager and has worked for ITS for over 14 years. Asoniu has been a Terminal Operator with ITS for over six years. Juan is just starting his career with ITS and has been a Terminal Operator for a little over a month.

Please join me in congratulating ITS’s own heroes, Christopher Zambrano, Asoniu Taufi and Juan Rojas for their actions.


Dwight Johnson
President and Chief Executive Officer