Phantom Yard Truck

December 10, 2020 – Fort Worth, TX

FORT WORTH, TX — ITS ConGlobal (“ITSC”), North America’s leading operator of intermodal, finished vehicle, and depot services terminals, has today announced a strategic partnership with Phantom Auto (“Phantom”), the leading remote operation software provider, that enables humans to remotely operate all types of industrial and logistics equipment.

This unique partnership, which includes strategic investment by ITSC in Phantom’s most recent round of fundraising, positions ITSC to take steps – now and well into the future – to further execute its commitment to delivering industry-leading employee safety, customer service, and operational efficiency. “We operate in complex, industrial terminal environments, making human insight and control of our equipment critical to workplace safety and operational productivity – and we expect that to remain true for many years to come,” said Brant Ring, CEO of ITS ConGlobal.

ITSC Yard Truck

ITSC loads and unloads ~8 million intermodal shipments and 2 million finished vehicles annually and handles nearly one million containers & chassis through its depot network each year.  Phantom Auto provides vehicle and network agnostic software that enables logistics companies, such ason-demand delivery company Postmates, to remotely operate vehicles using all types of wireless networks.  Phantom’s interoperable Control Center software platform enables enterprise customers like ITSC to add remote operation capabilities across multiple fleets and operating environments—including forklifts, yard trucks, robots, and other vehicles.

“With COVID, everyone is talking about remote work to curb the spread of this disease, but remote work has traditionally only been possible for people who are not doing physical tasks.  The people who operate vehicles and machinery — many who are now appropriately deemed essential workers — have never been afforded the opportunity to similarly work remotely. With Phantom’s software, ITSC’s equipment operators can be afforded that same opportunity,” said Elliot Katz, Co-Founder of Phantom Auto.

For example, ITSC will begin utilizing Phantom’s remote operation software to train their yard truck operators to manually and remotely drive while remaining socially distanced. Typically, a trainer and trainee would sit together inside the cab of a truck. Now, trainers can be inside the truck’s cab, while trainees will sit at remote Operator Consoles observing, listening, and at times remotely driving the truck.  After a period of time, the trainer and trainees can then switch positions.

Ring stated: “We are excited about the deployment of Phantom’s technology to more safely train truck operators.  In addition to our number one priority, which is protecting our employees, Phantom’s long-range remote communication software enables multiple trainees from across North America to be trained from a single control center.  With several hundred trucks in our fleet, this is a very important step for us.”

“ITS ConGlobal’s operational expertise, 120 plus locations across North America, and equipment profile make them a perfect fit for Phantom Auto,” said Shai Magzimof, Co-Founder of Phantom Auto. “We’re thrilled to partner with the ITS ConGlobal team to deploy Phantom’s remote operation software in the intermodal freight and logistics sector.”

About ITS ConGlobal

ITS ConGlobal (“ITSC”) is North America’s leading operator of intermodal, finished vehicle, and depot service terminals.  With operations in over 120 locations across the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica and more than 50 years of industrial experience, ITSC serves as the industry’s go-to experts in terminal operations.  ITSC’s service and product offerings anchor on complementing specialized industrial equipment operations with advanced, technology-enabled systems and processes.  For more information about ITSC, please visit or connect with ITSC on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Phantom Auto

Phantom Auto specializes in remote operation of all types of unmanned vehicles — including forklifts, trucks, robots, cars, and more.  Phantom’s vehicle-agnostic software and Control Center Platform enables humans to remotely operate vehicles from up to thousands of miles away. Founded in 2017 with headquarters in Silicon Valley and an R&D Center in Tel Aviv, Phantom serves enterprise customers throughout the US and EMEA.