ITSC Fort Worth Texas

Haslet, TX – February 10, 2021

ITS ConGlobal (“ITSC”), America’s leading operator of intermodal, finished vehicle and depot service terminals, announced today the opening of their 22-acre ‘super CY’ (container yard) in Haslet, Texas.

With over 50 years of experience, ITSC is more excited than ever to add capacity to their growing depot/container yard footprint. Rene Etcharren, Senior Vice President of Depot Operations, states, “we chose to expand to North Texas because of the direct access to world-class transportation infrastructure, strong economic growth in the area, and our location sits in an environment known for driving innovation.”

Freight transportation is a crucial component in the DFW regional economy. ITSC’s new facility is within the Alliance Global Logistics Hub, one of the world’s premier inland ports, offering multi-modal transportation options via ground, rail, and air. With immediate access to the heavyweight corridor, FM156, Hwy 114, and I35, within 48 hours, cargo can reach ninety-eight percent of the US population from this region by truck.

Rene also shares, “our 24/7 facility sits adjacent to the rail ramp, and we are collaborating closely with all of our regional and area neighbors, all of whom represent global leaders in transportation & logistics.” This site provides customers with access to the rail ramp along with concierge services like rapid-dispatch, drayage to warehouse docks, onsite container sales, leasing, maintenance, and repair services.

ITSC’s ‘super CY’ boasts 4,500 TEU stacked capacity and more than 280 wheeled storage slots and offers flexible and competitive storage pricing.

ITS ConGlobal provides safely-delivered service and solutions for companies who need transportation support, unlike any other single-service provider.